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"Really fantastic. I'd been stuck on automatic for years. Now I know when to use it, when not to and why?" - Mrs Hendricks

"Had a great afternoon looking at all the flash options & everything seems so much clearer in my mind now! No more messing about with white balance on the computer & more time taking great photos! Thank you so much for explaining it all in SIMPLE terms" - Mrs. Klein

"Having had a digital camera for 5 years and never read the manual, finally I know how to take some decent pictures" - Mr Bryant

"Some of the techniques were so simple, just different ways of looking at things that made a real difference" - Mr Engel

"Never thought I'd actually know what depth of field and aperture priority meant - let alone how to use them! Thank you!" Miss Kaplan

"What a great Day and at long last I know how to use my camera" - Mr Bishop